Hieronder vindt u een lijst met kenmerken van een aantal archetypen. Dit is niet bedoeld om statistisch te verwerken of zwart/wit te beoordelen, maar om van jezelf een beeld te vormen en dit te combineren met kernkwaliteiten en allergieën. We leven zelden slechts één archetype uit, een volwassen mens is een samenspel van verschillende typen en dit is een indicatie van je ontwikkeling. Deel 1 kan helpen om een indruk te krijgen van aspecten in je houding a.h.v. verschillende archetypen. The Grail Castle, deel 2 geeft een aantal statements die numeriek verwerkt kunnen worden.
Bron: The Grail Castle, Male Myths and Mysteries In the Celtic Tradition, K. Johnson & M. Elsbeth, Llewellyn Publications, 1995.

H. Kokhuis

Deel 1
The Warrior

Your inner Warrior expresses itself positively if:
1. You take a dramatic, self-confident stance in life.
2. You admire and emulate sports figures, heroes, or avenging angels.
3. You volunteered to join the armed forces during wartime because you genuinely wanted to protect those near to you and serve a higher cause.
4. You are protective of others, a "knight in shining armor," willing to come to the aid of the helpless, weak, and oppressed.
5. You use reason prior to action.
6. You are brave, bold, and assertive.
7. You are extraverted, public, political, and determined.
8. You are responsible, proud, honorable, and self-respecting.
9. You prefer the wild, free abandon of the hunt, the office, or the car phone to the familiar domestic duties demanded of you on the home front.
10. You are in control of your temper and not afraid to express sadness and grief.

Your inner Warrior expresses itself negatively if:
1. You idolize tough guys, criminals, or warmongers, or act the part of bully, show-off, or coward.
2. You engage in power plays typically involving love-hate relationships, exaggerated loyalties and cruelty, courage and cowardice.
3. You blame others for your shortcomings.
4. You attempt to establish a pecking order or hierarchy in which you are the final authority figure.
5. You believe that "might makes right" and advocate a "my way or the highway" attitude towards the world.
6. You build up your body solely for the sake of self-defense or to prove that you are powerful and can engage in or endure violence.
7. You are combative, argumentative, and a champion of verbal warfare.
8. You limit your view of life to pairs of opposites such as black and white, right and wrong, good and evil.
9. You are paranoid, trusting others only when allies are required to assist you in battling a common enemy.
10. You often feel anger, but deny your sadness and tears as being too "feminine."

inner Lover

Your inner Lover expresses itself positively if:

1. You are not afraid to be loving and affectionate in your relationships with others.
2. You naturally express yourself through the arts.
3. You are able to express your feelings clearly and without rage.
4. Women find your company pleasing and non-threatening.
5. Peace, harmony, and cooperation are essential to your way of life.
6. You can be compassionate, nurturing, and sympathetic even when your goals are challenged by others.
7. You see a therapist and are not afraid to hang out in the "self-help" section of your local bookstore.
8. Soft men like Alan Alda or Kevin Costner constitute role models for you.
9. To you, women are real people rather than objects.
10. You have a close relationship with spirit and nature.

Your inner Lover expresses itself negatively if:
1. You negate your own needs and desires for the sake of maintaining relationships with others.
2. You offer no resistance when others attempt to dominate you.
3. You idealize your lovers, and are often disappointed or deceived as a result.
4. Indulgence in drugs or alcohol constitute major escape mechanisms for you.
5. Your relationships are intense, dramatic, and short-lived.
6. The path of least resistance is the path you always travel.
7. You tend to be better at "leaving them" than "loving them."
8. Your relationships begin in a whirlwind of passion which flickers out all too soon.
9. You talk about your creativity constantly, but never do anything about it.
10. You are in love with love itself rather than with anyone in particular.


Your inner Magician expresses itself positively if:
1. You are inclined to take it easy and go with the flow.
2. You treat others as you yourself would wish to be treated.
3. You believe that the experience of life is a gift to be shared.
4. You attempt to contribute to the task of making the world a
better place.
5. You question authority and trust your intuition.
6. You practice reverence for all life.
7. A higher spiritual power or energy (however you may wish to define it) is the guiding force of your existence.
8. You live by your own unique standard of values.
9. Achieving spiritual grace and developing a compassion for human frailty are among your primary goals.
10. You make a conscious effort to develop wisdom and understanding.

Your inner Magician expresses itself negatively if:
1. Your only concern is for yourself.
2. Your desire for personal power sometimes overwhelms your willingness to live in harmony with Nature.
3. You want it all, any way you can get it.
4. You regard it as your duty to obey the "laws of the land" even when they go against the grain of cosmic justice.
5. Fear of death is your primary motivation.
6. You feel a need to achieve mastery over persons, places or things.
7. Nurturing your ego or personality is more important than living by your principles.
8. You regard yourself as the arbiter of wisdom in any group in which you may find yourself.
9. Your desire for deep knowledge is actually based upon your need to control.
10. You manipulate people by withholding information which might help them achieve their own empowerment.


Your inner King expresses itself positively if:
1. You are willing to undertake heroic journeys into unknown territory (foreign countries, new job skills, inner issues).
2. You exemplify exciting new ideals and philosophies of life among your social and/or business circle.
3. You can be both vulnerable and strong.
4. Preserving valuable traditions is important to you.
5. You obey the laws of the land and seek to embody civic virtues.
6. You have learned to acknowledge inner visions as a guiding force in your life.
7. You question the consensus views of authority and reality.
8. Bestowing generous favors is a pleasurable activity for you.
9. You are not afraid to construct a new identity based on the real you.
10. You are willmg to sacritice yourself (i.e. your time and energy) for the sake of others.

Your inner King expresses itself negatively if:
1. You are overly ambitious, seeking to get all you can at the expense of others.
2. You isolate yourself rather than admit you are lonely.
3. You fear abandonment and death.
4. You believe that courage and heroic virtue are much more comfortably approached by way of your TV set.
5. You are secretly furious over the notion of women's empowerment.
6. You deny your own potential in order to remain part of the status quo.
7. Your house is on the hill, there are two cars in your garage, your wife is beautiful, your children are intelligent, you're highly successful—and you're still miserable.
8. The only wildlife you seek to protect is the stuff that's been growing on your unwashed dishes for a week.
9. You believe a man should be judged by the number and quality of his possessions.
10. You sometimes act in destructive, tyrannical, exploitative or abusive ways towards those who look up to you.

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Deel 2 : your dominant archetype in The Grail Castle

Simply read the statements in each section and score according to how much or how little each statement applies to you. Circle the appropriate number indicated by the following numerical key:
3= usuallytrue; 2 = moderately true; 1 = rarely true; O = almostnever true
When you have completed the quiz, refer to the Male Archetype Scoring Columns at the end of the quiz to help you determine the mythic pattern which predominates in your life at this time.


ONE: The World At Large

A. I believe it's still a man's world 3 2 1 O

B. I am actively involved in community affairs 3 2 1 O

C. I don't read the newspapers or watch TV ~ I sense the world around me. 3 2 1 O

D. I study world events because I am fascinated with information and new discoveries. 3 2 1 O

TWO: Reading Material

A. Politics, economics, and world history. 3 2 1 O

B. Psychology, New Age subjects, the frontiers of science. 3 2 1 O

C. Poetry,fiction, entertainment,and the arts. 3 2 1 O

D. I seldom read anything except how-to manuals or Sports Illustrated. 3 2 1 O

THREE: Friends

A. I prefer the company of those who can help me elevate my position and status in life. 3 2 1 O

B. I have spiritual or intellectual friendships. 3 2 1 O

C. Most of my friends are women. 3 2 1 O

D. My friends are my working colleagues and high-school buddies. 3 2 1 0

FOUR Social Events
A. I like to play the magnanimous host. 3 2 1 O

B. I'm uncomfortable at parties and often spend my time analyzing the other guests. 3 2 1 O

C. I present my sensual, "macho" side to other people as a matter of course. 3 2 1 O

D. I try to charm other people, and I remain very conscious of their enjoyment and welfare. 3 2 1 O

FIVE: Hobbies

A. I work hard and have no time for hobbies. 3 2 1 O

B. Philosophy, religion, science, lectures. 3 2 1 O

C. Sports, exercise,camping,hunting. 3 2 1 O

D. Museums, artgalleries, the theater. 3 2 1 O

SIX: Children

A. I have no desire for children because I am immersed in my work and/or my path. 3 2 1 O

B. My children are an extension of myself. 3 2 1 O

C. I am fulfilled by my children; they carry on my family name. 3 2 1 O

D. I love my children and care about their emotional well-being. 3 2 1 O


A. Sex is essentially a mystical experience. 3 2 1 O

B. I respond to flattery. 3 2 1 O

C. Good sex is like a great work-out session at the gym. 3 2 1 O

D. Sex is great, but romance is better. 3 2 1 O

EIGHT: Love and Commitment
A. A committed marriage enhances the safety and
well-being of my property and my children. 3 2 1 O

B. Love and commitment require a higher spiritual dimension. 3 2 1 O

C. Love is all that matters. 3 2 1 O
D A marriage commitment is important for one's social status. 3 2 1 O

NINE: Partners

A. I want a submissive partner whom I can defend. 3 2 1 O

B. I need a romantic, sexually exciting partner. 3 2 1 O

C. I need a partner who understands my need for both privacy and mental stimulation. 3 2 1 O

D. I need a partner who complements my position in theworld. 3 2 1 O

TEN: Childhood

A. As a child, I loved to read and daydream of faraway lands. 3 2 1 O

B. As a child, I had imaginary playmates and created my own inner worlds. 3 2 1 O

C. I was the leader of all the childhood games I played with my friends. 3 2 1 O

D. As a child, I loved sports and the great outdoors. 3 2 1 O


A. I enjoy the atmosphere surrounding my meal as much as I enjoy the food itself. 3 2 1 O

B. I eat simply because it's necessary. 3 2 1 O

C. My table is a place of dignity and hospitality. 3 2 1 O

D. I am health-conscious and eat to stay fit. 3 2 1 O

TWELVE: Residence

A. My home is my castle. 3 2 1 O

B. I like comfort and aesthetic surroundings. 3 2 1 O

C. My home is functional; it is convenient to my work. 3 2 1 O

D. I need privacy and open spaces. 3 2 1 O

THIRTEEN: Physical Self

A. I pride myself on feeling active and fit. 3 2 1 O

B. I'm a touchy-feely sort of a guy. 3 2 1 O

C. I am physically shy, sometimes embarrassed by my body. 3 2 1 O

D. I often feel disconnected from my body. 3 2 1 O

FOURTEEN: Appearance

A. I dress for success, whether in a blue collar or white. 3 2 1 O

B. I am a very fashionable guy. 3 2 1 O

C. I am conservative in my attire. 3 2 1 O

D. My appearance is rather offbeat and eccentric. 3 2 1 O

Scoring: How to Determine Your Dominant Male Archetype
On the scoring form on the following page, list each of your answers for each question under the appropriate archetypal column. You will find the four letters, A-D, arranged under the male archetypes they represent. Simply enter the number you circle for a particular statement next to its letter, like this:

Warrior Lover Magician King

1=A 2 1=C 1 1=D 3 1=B 0

2=D 1 2=C 3 2=B 2 2=A 0
Now add up the numbers for each male archetype column. The male archetypes that are strong within you will have the highest scores, and the weakest ones the low scores.
Male Archetype Scoring Columns

Warrior Lover Magician King

1 = A –––– ; 1 = C –––– ; 1 = D –––– ; 1 = B –––– ;

2=D 2=C 2=B 2=A

3=D 3=C 3=B 3=A

4=C 4=D 4=B 4=A

5=C 5=D 5=B 5=A

6=C 6=D 6=A 6=B

7=C 7=D 7=A 7=B

8=A 8=C 8=B 8=D

9=A 9=B 9=C 9=D

10=D 10=A 10=B 10=C

11=D 11=A 11=B 11=C

12=C 12=B 12=D 12=A

13=A 13=B 13=D 13=C

14=A 14=B 14=D 14=C

Totals: –––– –––– –––– –––––