Discovering Your Archetypes

If the Warrior is your archetype:

You are innovative, assertive, and courageous. Your will, motivation, and desire nature are strong. You are passionate and impulsive, forceful, active, and driven to succeed. The processes involved in transformation, regeneration, and sex are important to you. You can be compulsive and obsessed by a fear of death. A natural leader, you are often branded as a power-seeker. You may also have a tendency towards self-destructive action. When responding at your highest level of potential, you are a vital individual, capable of acting with purpose and authority in order to achieve your life's goals.
Creative self-expression is one of your strengths; so is the pride you take in your children and your accomplishments.
Suitable occupations include police work, the military, manufacturing, metallurgy, medicine, research, or investigation. You may also find it fruitful to become involved in financial partnerships, salvage, or the professions involved with death and dying.
The Warrior may be a dentist, doctor, firefighter, machinist, surgeon, welder, IRS agent, government spy, criminal lawyer, scientist, mortician, butcher, coroner, bill collector, detective, or insurance claims adjuster.

If the Lover is your archetype:

You are naturally kind and affectionate toward others, relationships being of primary importance in your life. Ever the creative artist, you value harmony, beauty, and peace above all else. Your surroundings must be aesthetically pleasing to you. You are sensitive and spiritually inclined, with an active imagination and an idealistic nature. There may be a tendency to succumb to the lures of drugs and alcohol, for you are sometimes confused or easily deceived. You can reach your highest potential by adopting a more
structured and disciplined lifestyle. Your greatest pleasure comes through spiritual awakening and the artistry involved in creating beautiful forms and images for others to enjoy.
Suitable occupations involve art, comfort, beauty, the human voice, money, liquids, household service, home and family, real estate, social gatherings, mediation, and institutions.
The Lover may well be a vocalist, innkeeper, concierge, commercial artist, or art dealer, chef, caterer, real estate agent, legal mediator, marriage counselor, interior decorator, diplomat, florist, arbitrator, photographer, or poet.
If the Magician is your archetype:

You enjoy communicating with others in order to exercise your strong logic and reasoning abilities. You are restless, curious, flexible, quick-witted, and diversified in your thoughts and actions. Your ability to discriminate between truth and flasehood is very pronounced. Some of you Magicians will be attracted to leading-edge technology, but all of you will be fascinated by any arena which allows you to express your independent, original, and liberated personality. Your nervous system may be delicate and you would be wise to become more health-conscious. Other shortcomings may include an overly analytical or critical attitude toward others. A rebellious nature often brings sudden changes in your circumstances. You may reach your highest level of achievement through humanitarian interests and service to others.
Suitable occupations include all areas of communication, any profession which requires detailed analysis, skilled crafts, health, medicine, and occultism or metaphysics as well as scientific technology.
The Magician may often be found working as a travel agent, word processor, statistical analyst, naturopath, massage therapist, librarian, bookkeeper, chemist, civil servant, radio or television personality, psychologist, electrician, inventor, astrologer, or salesman.
If the King is your archetype:

You are a vital individual with an extremely paternal nature. Warm-hearted, loyal, noble and generous to a fault, you live to fulfill a single-pointed purpose in life. You are regal and gallant in your actions; consequently, you are generally recognized as an authority figure in your own area, or perhaps in many different areas. You have breadth of vision and an expansive mind. Your
optimism and prosperity-oriented outlook will see you through many difficulties. You can be ambitious, responsible, and disciplined in your behavior. Sometimes your big ego and your longing for status get in the way of building successful long-term relationships. There is a tendency towards excessive, extravagant activities when you are feeling depressed, fearful, inhibited, or insecure. You can reach your highest level of achievement through creative
endeavor, adventurous travel (the archetypal quest), and positions which give full range to your vast leadership potential. Suitable fields of occupation indude the stock market, big business in general, the clergy, the law, foreign affairs, and universities.
The king may be a film director, judge, entrepreneur, theologian, professor, attorney, corporate executive officer, politician, ambassador, architect, building contractor, or civil engineer.

The archetypes symbolized by the Four Grail Treasures represent the paths men walk upon as they begin their quests through the forest of life. If we are strong and wise, and if we know who we are, we may walk our chosen path with clarity, dignity, and grace. This is what being a hero is all about. But each of these archetypes is incomplete in and of itself. Each one constitutes only one single portion of a fourfold entity, a Higher Self which is symbolized in many different ways in many different world traditions, and which in our own journey is symbolized by the mandala of the Grail Castle. When we return to the Grail Castlc a return which typically takes place in the middle of our lives—we may find that it is time to seek the wholeness which lies at the center of the mandala, the wholeness of the Higher Self. We may find ourselves unable to go on following just one road. We must learn to use the sword and the lance, the grail and the dish, with equal skill. The heart of the Grail Castle is the bed where the sick sea king, the wounded Fisher King, lies in his stillness. Let us, then, take the Otherworld journey to the center of the Grail Castle and meet the Fisher King face to face.